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CybersCool is the exclusive distributor and sole training partner in the Philippines of ThriveDX.
CybersCool is​ a global leader in cyber education, and presently holds its main office and training center in Manila, Philippines. 
Our vision is to educate and train, reskill and upskill individuals and professionals of any organization to help them adapt to and cope with the increasingly innovative ways that cybercrimes are committed.

TESDA  - The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Partners with CYBERSCOOL for Cybersecurity training

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CybersCool Defcon

Cybercrimes, such as hacking, phishing, ransomware, etc., is growing exponentially worldwide and governments, businesses and organizations are facing a severe lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals to thwart this phenomenon. Presently, there is an insufficient pool of duly-accredited cybersecurity personnel to meet the increasing demand to defend and prevent cybercrime threats and attacks.
The founders of CybersCool Defcon Inc. had been actively involved in various innovative information technology projects and IT security solutions in the Philippines and abroad for the past 15 years.
In the recent past, cyber threats and attacks have drastically expanded to large-scale cybercrimes affecting thousands of ordinary people and businesses who had lost thousands, if not millions, of dollars locally and worldwide. According to the World Economic Forum Report of 2021, there is a global gap of over 6 million cybersecurity manpower, wherein 64% of which is located in the Asia Pacific Region, including the Philippines.
Our training philosophy focuses on hands-on learning with real-workplace laboratories and real-world simulated exercises that exclusively uses a safe and secure digital platform thus extensively prepares its graduates in dealing with real-life situations in real-life settings of cyber threats and attacks.
We have adopted the highly specialized and successfully tested cybersecurity training modules that were designed for military cadets of the elite Israel Defense Force, who had no prior experience in cybersecurity, to become proficient and experts in the field of cyber intelligence and security.
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ThriveDX is a global leader in cyber education with a commitment to reskill and upskill the present industry workers with cybersecurity knowledge and practice using innovative education programs and training modules as it aggressively tackles cybersecurity’s two major threats: talent shortage and the skills gap.
ThriveDX (formaly Cybint International Pte. of Israel) was founded by Mr. Roy Zur in 2014, after 15 years of spearheading the design and training of the elite Israeli Cyber and Intelligence Units. Roy Zur helped develop an unparalleled learning methodology that prepared young military cadets with no prior experience in cybersecurity to become proficient and experts in the field of cyber intelligence and security.
In the increasingly digital world with the uncontrolled surges in cybercrimes, Roy Zur saw the opportunity to share his proven cybersecurity training methods to address the need for qualified and accredited cybersecurity people in both the government and private sector workforce.
Today, ThriveDX  is bringing cybersecurity knowledge and skills to participants and learners on a worldwide scale, collaborating with committed corporate partners in a growing number of international locations. ThriveDX  is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has overseas offices located in New York City, U.S. and Singapore, and now in the Philippines, and working with industry partners in 15 different countries.
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While the severe shortage and lack of cybersecurity professionals on a worldwide basis continue to grow, the current workforce in the Philippines holds a distinct advantage as a majority of its workers are fluent in speaking and good in understanding the English language thus the training and learning of becoming cybersecurity professionals is easily attained and achieved.


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