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CyberSecurity Bootcamp

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
(CTI Analyst)


CTI Analyst course provides analysts with essential skills for modern investigations. Led by experienced instructors, this on-demand program focuses on cyber threat intelligence, operational security, and collaboration.


  1. Equip participants with theory and practical insights for practical and effective cyber threat intelligence and investigations.

  2. Empower use of open-source and cyber threat intelligence tools across diverse domains.

  3. Learn how to investigate practically, with an emphasis on low-technical threshold skills and tooling.

The CTI Analyst course provides you with skills that are critical in the below positions:

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SOC Analyst

Fraud Analyst

Cybersecurity Analyst

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Threat Intelligence Analyst

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Counter-Disinformation Analyst

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Cryptocurrency Crime Analyst

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Intelligence Analyst

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Forensic Analyst


To ensure that the students practice what they have learned, the Cybersecurity Bootcamp module had developed 60 unique laboratories and 100 different simulated exercises. Thus, technical skills and relevant tools are learned through practical hands-on and simulation exercises in a safe and secure virtual environment. The Bootcamp is a 160-hours training course delivered on a blended in-class and on-line platforms.

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Your Entry Level Position

CyberScool Certification

Advanced Program Cyber Defense Incident Responder Bootcamp graduates will be able to apply for jobs at the entry-level in the cyber market in the following positions:

  • CTI Analyst

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