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CyberSecurity Bootcamp

Risk Assessor


Risk Assessor, a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various roles within the cybersecurity domain.

This 200-hour program offers a pathway to optional job roles such as Lead Risk Assessor, Intelligence Analyst, and Cyber Defense Analyst. Through a structured curriculum comprising modules such as Network Administration, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Network and Application Security, and Secure Design Principles, participants will delve into essential concepts and practices crucial for safeguarding digital infrastructure and data assets. The program also includes specialized training in Risk Management and Threat Intelligence, ensuring graduates possess a deep understanding of identifying, assessing, and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Whether you're looking to enter the cybersecurity field or enhance your existing expertise, this program provides a solid foundation for success in today's dynamic threat landscape.

Optional job roles for graduates:

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Lead: Risk Assessor

Intelligence Analyst

Cyber Defense Analyst


To ensure that the students practice what they have learned, the Cybersecurity Bootcamp module had developed 60 unique laboratories and 100 different simulated exercises. Thus, technical skills and relevant tools are learned through practical hands-on and simulation exercises in a safe and secure virtual environment. The Bootcamp is a 200-hours training course delivered on a blended in-class and on-line platforms.

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Your Entry Level Position

CyberScool Certification

Risk Assessor Bootcamp graduates will be able to apply for jobs at the entry-level in the cyber market in the following positions:

  • Lead: Risk Assessor 

  • Intelligence Analyst

  • Cyber Defense Analyst

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