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CyberSecurity Bootcamp

“Zero to Hero” 


Start Your Career In Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp from Zero to Hero is a turn-key, accelerated training program that successfully prepares learners and students, even with limited or no background in Information Technology, to be hired and work in entry-level jobs in the field of cybersecurity. The Bootcamp will train graduates to start a career in cybersecurity with the following types of jobs:

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 Cyber Defense Analysts
Cyber Incidents Responders
Forensic Cyber Surgeons
Network Operation Specialists
Cyber Infrastructure Support staff

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Get Hired By Top Companies

The Accelerated

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is designed under the principle of “everything you need to know, and only what you need to know”. The accelerated learning methodology and streamlined curriculum focus on teaching the specific skills and necessary tools required in the cybersecurity job market.

Work-Ready Graduates

In the several years of ThriveDX’s cybersecurity bootcamps, the majority of its graduates were hired by top companies and industries in the cyberspace job market.


ThriveDX was named as One of the Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps in 2021


To ensure that the students practice what they have learned, the Cybersecurity Bootcamp module had developed 60 unique laboratories and 100 different simulated exercises. Thus, technical skills and relevant tools are learned through practical hands-on and simulation exercises in a safe and secure virtual environment. The Bootcamp is a 480-hours or 12-consecutive weeks training course delivered on a blended in-class and on-line platforms.


Your Entry Level Position

CyberScool Certification

Zero to Hero Bootcamp graduates will be able to apply for jobs at the entry-level in the cyber market in the following positions:

  • Cyber ​​Defense Analyst 

  • Responds to cyber incidents

  • Forensic cyber surgeon

  • Network operation specialist

  • Expert in supporting cyberinfrastructure

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