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CybersCool Graduates 1st Cybersecurity Bootcamp
"Zero to Hero" Classe

CybersCool Defcon Inc., in partnership with ThriveDX SaaS of Israel, held the Graduation Ceremony of the 1st Cybersecurity Bootcamp Zero to Hero Course held last February 10, 2023 at Thames International School in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Messrs. Edison Abella, President, Tatoo Amsili, Co-Founder and Director, and Ericson Atanacio, Director, of CybersCool Defcon Inc. handed over the Certificates of Completion to the 13 students who had successfully completed the 1st Bootcamp Course.


The Cybersecurity Bootcamp Zero to Hero Course, which commenced on October 17, 2022, is a turn-key, accelerated training program using a learning methodology that has a streamlined curriculum focused on teaching only the specific skills required in the cybersecurity profession. The student may not have any computer science related degree or may have no experience on Information Technology to become an expert in cybersecurity.


The Bootcamp, 480-hour or 12-week training course, is delivered on a blended learning format, i.e., in-person (face-to-face) using on-line modules in a class setting with a facilitator. The technical skills and relevant tools are learned through practical and hands-on experiences using 60 unique real-workplace laboratories and 100 real-life simulation exercises in a safe and secure virtual environment.


The course was created for the elite Israeli Defense Force and adopted for the training of their military cadets in cyber intelligence and security for the past 15 years.


The graduates of the 1st Cybersecurity Bootcamp Zero to Hero Course came from various Philippine government agencies, military units and business companies, namely: Commission on Elections, Department of Finance, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Air Force, Deloitte Philippines and some as private individuals. Chairman George Erwin A. Garcia of the Commission on Elections witnessed the graduation of their three students who had successfully completed the Bootcamp course.


(February 10, 2023; Manila, Philippines)

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