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Application Security Training

Secure Code Training for Developers
(Formaly Kontra)


Keep your organization safe with interactive secure code training for developers

Meet the Industry’s Most Intuitive, Innovative, and Engaging AppSec Training

Our mission is to revolutionize secure code training with ThriveDX Application Security Training (formerly Kontra). We offer effective training, based on relevant real-world content, delivered in a way that developers like, on the tools they use, with the skills they need to learn.

Real-World Content in Real-Time
We teach developers to think like a hacker by analyzing attack surfaces in applications, recreating their steps, and identifying and
applying secure code fixes to remediate vulnerabilities.
Enjoy continuous industry driven content updates inspired directly by real-world vulnerabilities, bug bounty write-ups and partner contributed scenarios.

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Training Made for Developers by Developers
Developers are who we serve. Our experience shows that Developers are more engaged in training if the content has a basis in reality rather than generic examples.
We provide short sessions of interactive storytelling placing developers in the middle of the action, giving them skills that translate into their daily lives.
Every detail has been meticulously and intentionally designed to ensure a beautiful and engaging learning experience for developers.

Our Content, Your Environment
Our SCORM-compliant content works with leading third-party learning management systems to enable faster integration and deployment.
In addition, thanks to our strategic partnerships & integrations, you can also
consume selected content in the developer tools you love.


"Developers don’t have the skills
or resources to code securely."

According to Forrester*, web applications and software vulnerabilities are the top two ways external attacks are
carried out. The research found that even top universities either don’t offer secure coding education as part of
their curriculum or don’t require secure code training to graduate with a computer science degree.
The most cost-effective way to protect organizations from dangerous attacks and undesired data, breaches is
to equip developers with secure coding skills.

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- Forrester:

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