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 Empower Your Employees With Security Awareness Training That Works 

All-In-One Security Awareness Training Suite


Our solution revolutionizes security awareness training with a fully customizable solution, that offers relevant and realistic training, real-time insights, and full data privacy with on-premise deployment options.

Real-attack scenarios to test your employees 

Simulate the full cyber threat landscape using customizable, easy-to-edit templates for any type of phishing attack. Our predefined, multilingual attack 
simulations offer a safe learning environment and realworld
experience for testing whether your employees are fully familiar with the dangers of the internet.


Real-attack scenarios to test your employees 

Interactive content tailor-made for your employees
We provide hundreds of interactive, web-based training
modules to help you elevate your company’s security
awareness culture. Our continuous adaptive training
model takes your employees through various security
topics relevant to your industry and delivers customized
content based on employee progress and performance.​.

Real-time reporting to track your success
A real-time reporting dashboard and automatic monthly
reports allow you to measure employee progress, while
maintaining full control and visibility of the program. You
gain insights that are easy to understand, communicate to
stakeholders, and take action on.

Image by Wes Hicks

ThriveDX is a global digital transformation training company, founded in Israel in 2007 by veteran Israeli Defense Force (IDF) cybersecurity and digital technology experts.
Using the world-class training techniques of the IDF, ThriveDX combines traditional and modern learning methods, leading-edge research, and practical experience to close the skills gap and future-proof the modern workforce.

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